FaQs. General Information

Which is the front lace wig

The front lace wig made of lace, which extends from the hair at the other end of the ear to the ear.
The production of the wig is similar to the women’s clothing, usually on the back and side of the hair.
Once you secure the device, the belt will be very long on the side, and it will cut the strap on the bottom of the invention. The goal here is to create new hair. Do not cut all the wires because you are using duct tape on the new cables/threads.
When the wig is applied, you should have a full wig – however, the surface of the carpet does not look like healthy hair. The wig seems to grow directly from your head.

What is a complete lace wig?

The knee-length shirt covered with a hat and a thin belt sewn on top of the hood. Then sew a single strand of hair to a skinny belt.
Wigs full of lace striped across the device, and a thong cut across the device. Cut your hair all over your head. When it is done, you can put on hair, bangs, bangs, and so on as you wish. Think about it. With a wig, you can cut all the strands of hair on your head.
Once the wig is applied, you will be a complete wig – but the glass, back, and sides of the wig will not look like healthy hair. The wig looks like all the hair is growing directly from your head.

What is the difference between a lace front wig and a full lace wig?

There is a belt on the back of the lace wig on the front, so they can’t wear a high waist dress. The full lace wig is closed with lace and worn in a high ponytail, which looks more natural than the lace front wig.

What does ambiguity mean?

Trench coat refers to the level at which the hair or walls cut. The standard and general option is 100% average.

How Long Does Long Hair Do?

The life of the wig will depend on your use and maintenance. If the treatment is correct, it should last for a period of 6 months to a year or longer, depending on your surgery and method.

How do you tell the difference between human hair and artificial hair?

All our products made of human fur!
If you want to recheck the material after receiving the device, there are two simple ways to help differentiate human hair into Remy’s synthetic fibers and:
1. You can cut your hair short and brush it. Human hair stopped your hair when it broke because it contains protein. Even synthetic fibers smell different.
2. You can get a wig from a store professional, and you can call it a hair.
By the way, the recipient and the recipient are in the same situation.

How do you maintain hair extensions?

Wash and apply hair in the shower. Use high-quality shampoo. Hair extensions do not benefit from natural scalp oils such as scalp hair growth, so it must be maintained regularly.

After washing and cleaning, you should use a non-washing sprayer to keep it between the two washes. Do not use full water; If the baths are raining, you should add more and after exercise. Hair should be clean, as salt in sweat can destroy.

Always submerge the excess hair in your hair and try to make it natural. Avoid sleeping with damp hair. If you are using a hairdryer, dry your hair from the beginning, use a hairdryer with a hairdryer.

Before going to bed every morning, rest your hair. Avoid tangling hair that is trapped and shaky. You can use a comb or full fingers to cut wavy hair, and the arrow is suitable for straight hair.