Cheap Women’s Human Hair Eyebrow Wig




Disease, treatment, eating, stress, and hormonal changes.
With the help of fake Angela Braz tips, the brakes are glued to our specially designed leather safe adhesive.
Once it is life, it will take 7 days to remove the fake browser.
Then they can be used again and can last up to 2-3 months with proper care.
There are five different colors: natural black, dark brown, pale brown.
For the most real eyebrows, 100% human hair is made independently of a strap.

False browsers, for example, target the hair of people who have lost everything, if not most of their natural hair. Insults should fill the skin
For a unified, invisible effect.
They still have a lot of cases in the browser, but you still have a lot of cases,
We recommend bleaching our hair and pencil and eyebrow extensions.


The perfect profile eyebrows provide an eye-catching look. They play an important role in emphasizing facial features, especially the eyes.

Friendly memories
For example, it sends a picture you like, so we can create an image that looks like
Please tell, what’s the story of them big puppy …..
Non-standard order delivery time: 7 days

100% human hair, invisible to men and women, all colors in stock

1,100% human work;

2. Realistic and natural appearance;

3. All handmade boots;

4. There is a male and female style;

6. We can also produce according to your design;

We are. For the University of Allopezia, we provide high-quality eyes

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