Claire Curly Mono Top Remy Human Hair Topper Lace Front




Claire is a natural hairstyle with oavy attacked hair made from high-quality human hair. The base is 5.5 ′ ′ x 5.5 inches wide and offers a lot of protection.

It has a front strap that makes the hair look natural and allows for facial styling. The complete base of the monofilament causes the appearance of natural hair growth.

The four components placed under the nerve pressure provide a safe, convenient location.

This high-quality hair conditioner is suitable for increasing height, and the large base gives you a lot of protection.

With 100% beautiful human hair, you can combine this piece with your hair.

Stylish out of the box with a long, thick or short box. This hair tool is even more unique!


Lace Front is designed to wear and is almost invisible, it creates a stylish hair look that gives you amazing conditions for facial styling and threatens the shape of your head.
Monofilament Top sheds light on the natural growth of hair where hair separates.
100% Human Hair Remy is of the highest quality and allows you to style your hair with heat tools and treat it just as well as your hair.


The front of the skull is a loose object and should be handled with care.

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